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Beat the Heat at BRP

Regardless of the season or the reason, there are times when you need to take a break to have some fun and nurture your inner child! Burhani Recreational Park provides imaginative, innovative ways to make you laugh and challenge your inner speed demon. Whether you like to relax in the sun or dive into the pool. Let your wild child run free and pamper yourself for a bit.

Burhani Recreational Park (BRP) is all about having fun and it certainly provides plenty of opportunities for thrill-seeking adventurers as well as those of us needing a more tranquil experience. At BRP, you’re bound to have a wonderful time with plenty of stories to share when you get back. It’s the most maintained park. The best part about BRP is that it is perfect for people who are concern about their privacy. It's small and entire park can be booked for big families, so you won't find random strangers there staring at you. The environment is pretty decent and comfortable. Locker rooms and restrooms are huge…