Adventure Time For Family

Looking forward to spending some quality time with your Family Fun and Entertainment? Then water park is a perfect place for family fun because when it comes to visiting water Parks, our excitement level becomes high.

“Waterpark!”, Brings a wave of happiness and excitement in our minds. Whenever we think of our last visited water park experience it brings a smile on our face.

Burhani Recreational Park is an amazing water park that contains adventurous and thrilling water rides. It’s a perfect place to hang out with your friends and family, as there are rides for people of all ages.

The park also offers various recreational activities including free fall, surf racer, big splash, twister, typhoon, water castle, tsunami and sports arena.

Now, as you know there is enough variation at this park to keep both the parents and kids entertained for a day. So visit Burhani Recreational Park and make your family adventure an authentic experience. For more information visit

Put Your Stress Aside And Feel Free

Do you want to put all your stress aside and just be free? A water park is a place where you can feel this. Screaming! Laughing! What we call it fun can be done in a water park. It's always an enjoyable experience to visit a water park.

Burhani recreational park is an amazing stress-free zone. Your kids stressing but they won't tell you. This water park guarantee fun for kids and adults too. Just come and dip into a water to relax.

This park is clean and well managed. The best part of this park is it is safe too. Come enjoy our rides, splashing into the water, zipping down a waterslide. Then what are you waiting for? For more information visit us at

Perfect Water Park for Family

Water park is a thrilling experience for a whole family. You don't need to wait for a summer. You can have fun in winter too. So grab your swimsuits and slip away to water parks.

Burhani recreational park offers excitement for the family. It is specially designed for families with kids and teens. It is always a good fun for all ages.

You can even grab a camera to capture great family moments. It has a range of activities from breezy to extreme. So enjoy your weekend and spend more time with family. For more information visit us at

Make a splash with the kids at Burhani Recreational Park

The sun is out and the weekend is here so what’s better than a water park on weekends. Hot days definitely have us daydreaming about splashing down awesome water slides and floating on lazy rivers. Water parks are a fantastic family outing.

Burhani Recreational Park is jam-packed with speedy slides twisting chutes so it’s ideal for family and friends. It sends kids of all ages into a flurry of excitement. Burhani Recreational Park is the favorite destination for the family and fun lover during weekends and holidays.

So, spend this weekend with your friends and family at Burhani Recreational Park. This whole place is about having the time of your life. For more information visit our website

Grab your Swimsuit for a Watery Adventure

With summertime in full swing then cooling off in the pool is easy. There is no other excitement than swimming. Wanted to get rid of heat, then these water rides will help you cool down.

Burhani Recreational Park provides imaginative, innovative ways to make you laugh scream and challenge your inner speed. Whether you like to relax in the sun or dip into the pool let your inner child run you free.

Take some time off from your schedule and spend it with your family and friends. After the either park, you are bound to have a wonderful time with stories to share at home. Visit us at

Slides and Attractions Are Ready To Make You Smile!

When the city heats up nothing is better than diving in a swimming pool. Whether you want to relax or dip into the water to beat the heat, heading towards the water park is always a rewarding experience.

Burhani Recreational park is great for the whole family, especially for the little ones. Not to be left out pre-teens and teens will also have lots of fun with the thrilling sides. This water park guarantee fun for kids and for adults too. The water park here brings an extra dimension of fun with rides, slides, and pools for each and every one.

It is a true vacation destination. Burhani Recreational Park boasts entertainment for everyone. In this breathtaking natural environment, people feel relaxation and tranquility with plenty of more energetic to be held. For more information visit our website

Beat The Heat This Weekend!

Water parks are the perfect place to combat the scorching heat of the sun. They feature terrifying drops and crazily looped slides which rival the most stomach testing roller coasters. 
Burhani Recreational Park is a place which is packed with a powerful punch with some adventurous rides. You can also squeeze in a good meal, fun activities and some retail therapy during your time there. This park makes an equally fun and thrilling outing.

Burhani Recreational park makes for a great outing for friends and family. This whole place is about having the time of your life. For more information visit our website